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Gaming mice recommendations

Last response: in Video Games
January 15, 2013 10:27:16 PM

Hello everyone, I'm sure this questions has been asked many times before but my situation is a bit unique. See, I have carpal tunnel, but not in the usual way. For example, I can move my mouse all day long and not get hurt. It's simply the act of clicking in with my index finger that causes it. So if I were to find a good mouse with a thumb button on both sides, I could theoretically map left-click to thumb and right-click to pinky. The problem is that with most mice I see, such a setup would be awkward. If anyone is using a mouse which could work in my situation, let me know. Also, I'd rather not spend more than $60. I can go higher if there is only one mouse that works, as protecting my health is important.
Thanks !
January 16, 2013 12:30:31 AM

Have you tried googling it? not trying to sound smart or anything but i'd imagine that there would be a fair few people in your situation that would be looking for the same thing. maybe have a look in your local pc store and see if you can try out some mice, what you'd be looking for is a few macros on the side. i'd suggest a wireless mouse so you're free to move it around as much as you need, possibly a logitech just because they are renowned for being incredibly ergonomic. ill shoot you a link for one i have in mind, its a link to one in an australian store so no doubt you'll be able to find one cheap in US and A
January 16, 2013 3:36:01 AM

I have indeed tried googling it. The problem is that while there are plenty of people with carpal tunnel, their problems are mostly from moving the wrist. Which means vertical mice and all sorts of weird stuff. All I need is just a button on both sides of a mouse but all the ones I've seen only have buttons on the left side, like the link you gave me.
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January 16, 2013 4:24:31 AM

razer do some ambidextrous mice like the Lachesis, problem is they aint the best for build quality or price.