Skyrim performance issue

hello all im about ready to give up with this game..even upgrading my system im still getting bad performance and ingame AA is not taking totaly lost why im gettin this issue considering my setup.
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  1. What are your system specs and are you using any mods.
  2. thank you for replying. i am using alot of mods
    31 in total and my system is under my details. but il post it here

    cpu: i5 3570k 3.5/4.5 ghz
    motherbord: asus sabertoothz77
    memory:16gb corsair vengance 1600
    graphics card:saphire 7970 vapor x 3gb
    Catalyst Version: 12.11
    AMD driver packedge version: 9.01.8-121202a-150272E-ATI
    Catalyst Control Center Version: 2012.1202.303.5362
    haddrive: western digital cardio black 1TB
    OS: windows 7 64bit
  3. I suspect its the mods causing it (unless you have issues with any other games). Some mods just don't run well on anything.
  4. Restore CCC to defaults, then Check for Driver Updates within CCC.
  5. thanks scott.just to make sure i do this correctly incase it is a driver issue the way iv installed my graphics card drivers is always downloading the latest from the amd website .unistalling the old ones not restarting.opening up driver sweeper removing all display drivers.then restarting then uninstaling aplicaition profile.then instaling new drivers .restarting then installing aplication i doing this correctly?? allso even with no mods installd i still get this microstutter in game when i move.its very bad in caves and dungons. othergames like rage and dishonerd run with no problems at all with supersampling enabled though 8x seems to be unplayble when using supersampiling. i dunno if this is normal.sorry
  6. There's a new AMD/ATI Beta driver that resolves the micro-stutter.
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