Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1 or 2

Alright fella's ,

i got a big issue here :

I just had my computer rebuild with a new graphics card and new power supply,
and I was thinking of formatting my computer to make everything go fast again.
My computer has 2 drives : C and D drive

I bumped into a problem :fou:
When I inserted my Recovery CD, I folowed the setup and couldn't select my C drive anymore to instal my W7 onto... (neither my D drive)
It said : "Windows cannot be installed to this device. The hardware prossibly does not support the reboot on this device. Make sure that the devicecontroller in the BIOS menu of the computer is enabled" - Dunno what that means.....

I went to search in my BIOS (eventho I don't know enough of BIOS) and couldn't find the answer...

Can you guys help me out?
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  1. C and D are partitions of the HDD, 2 different HDDs, or one is the HDD and the other is CD-ROM?
  2. C and D are partitions of the HDD
  3. First, try and mount the HDD as a secondary drive onto another PC. Run some diagnostic tests on it and make sure the HDD is not on it's way out. It is usually the first thing to quit in a relatively old PC. If it is tired, then best bet would be to do a backup of your data and get a new HDD.
    If it is still good, you could d/l killdisk or something similar, make a bootable CD with it - it tells you how on the website - then boot that and zero the C partition. After that, try re-installing on C.
    Keep in mind, if your PC still boots on C now, that will not be available after you do the zeroing.
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