Codemaster's EGO Engine stuttering issue

Is it just me, or is it that all the racing games made by Codemasters with the EGO engine(GRID,Dirt 1~Showdown,F1 Series) have stuttering issues when the race take longer than a certain amount of time? (For me it always starts around 3 mins).

When I first ran GRID back in '10, my setup was i5 750+GTX 460, there was stuttering. Up til now, setup becomes FX-8120 (dont judge me, i do lots of format conversions and excel calculations :p ) and HD 5870, Dirt Showdown still have stutters(somewhat worsened) for me.

Framerates are usually steadily high @ around 70
Temperature was normal at around 47 degree celcius/116 fahrenheit maximum and V-Sync was turned on.
GPU utilization is steady around 90%.

Non of any other games have such problems. Even for the ones with higher system requirement (BFBC2,FarCry3,Metro2033,etc.)

Anyone else has such problems?
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  1. Nope.
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