Thermaltake Volcano 9 + amd 2500xp+...Help

Hi I bought a Thermaltake Volcano 9 for my Barton AMD 2500xp+. I was wondering what setting I should run the fan at. Should i run it at Full Speed (4800 rpm), Should I run it at Temperature controled auto sensing speed or should i run it on manual control.

I'm a comp. noob.
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  1. the volcano 9 isn't the greatest choice for an athlon 2500+ and i'd suggest you run it on thermal if you want a lil reduction in noice when the processor is idling (since the temps will be lower, the fan speed will be lower), though the fan will run on the fast side the majority of the time because the heatsink will not be able to keep the CPU too cool to start with.. keeping it on manual would just be a hassle for you, unless you don't mind keeping an eye on your temps and adjusting the unit as needed, and then keeping at max (in my opinion) would be your best choice of all, since a cooler CPU is a more performant one, though you'll end up with quite a loud heatsink/fan combo that way.

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