Is msi 970a-g46 motherboard good in performance..
I am gonna be using it with amd fx 8120 black edition and graphics card it's zotac gt 610..
I have a cooler master thunder 600 Watts psu..
And 4 gigs of ram..
Will I get reasonable fps in games like battlefield 3...fps around 25-30..
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  1. yeah u 'll get in high settings
  2. I think your overestimating a gt610.

    A better GPU is needed really.
  3. gt 610 is not a gaming gpu its the slowest gpus in the 6xx series u should go with at least hd 7770/gtx 650ti
  4. The CPU is not good value for gaming and the GPU is not capable of gaming. I suggest getting a Phenom II 965 or FX6300 and at least a Radeon 7770 preferably a Radeon 7850.
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  5. The CPU is OK. It is not made for gaming, so its value is obviously questionable, it will get the job done though.
    The graphics card on the other hand is just terrible for gaming.You need a card with a lot more power under the hood if you want to play modern games.

    If you want to use this PC for gaming, then upgrading to a Phenom II X4 965, FX 6300 or a FX 8320 is highly reccomended.
    Or it would really be best if you could stretch your budget a bit and buy a cheap LGA 1155 motherboard and an Intel Core i5.

    You also need a graphics card, that is capable f playing modern games.
    I suggest you go for a HD 7750 or if you can afford it, buy a GTX 650 Ti
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