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Massive FPS Drop Across All Games

January 17, 2013 2:51:11 AM

So I've been reading forums for a while now with no luck with my particular issue...

About a week ago I started getting a massive drop in FPS in all of my frequently played games. (borderlands 2, skyrim, league of legends, etc.) I used to have no problem playing them all at or around high settings, but now even league, which is a rather lowly demanding game, is playing between 6 and 17ish frames per second.

I've been through the typical hoops of checking the integrated and Radeon card drivers, as well as sound drivers, but I'm not making any progress. I also installed SPEEDFAN and while attempting to game none of my components exceeded around 60C so it doesnt appear to be a fan/heat issue...

booting games in the basic 600x400 resolution seems to help, but i cant get near smooth gameplay on my 1680x1050 monitor, or my 1920x1080 laptop display.

I play the majority of my games through steam, but as long as I've had my computer (about 2 years), steam has never recognized my dedicated gfx card when i run the system information tool, it only seems to aknowledge the integrated card.

I also have spent a decent amount of time messing around in the AMD CCC (catalyst control center) but havent found any answers there either.

Any help greatly appreciated, currently at a dead end...

SPECS: HP DV6 Pavillion 6100 Quad Edition
CPU: Intel Core i7-2720QM @2.2 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6770M

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