Can't go Higher than 60 Fps On Borderlands 2

No matter what settings I put my Borderlands 2 on I can't get any higher than 60 fps according to Fraps. I play on completely maxed settings without Physx because I run 2 Hd 4870 x2's Crossfire. I tried puttin gmy settings lower for higher frames but nothing.

I know 60 fps isn't bad but i would like to know if my GPU is being bottlenecked by something

Here's My specs:

i5 3570k unlocked 3.4 ghz 3.99 ghz turbo
2 HD 4870 x2's Crossfire (2 gigs each)(Outdated but powerful cards)
8 gigs of RAM
750 watt PSU
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  1. I know it's a stupid question but do you have Vsync enabled?
  2. Yes, But I've tried turning it off and nothing changes.
  3. Well Vsync will likely cap your FPS at 60 (depending on your monitor ofc).

    If you still have capping with it off then it's likely to be a Fraps issue rather than a hardware issue.
  4. Most monitors only display 60FPs do you have a 120Hz monitor? otherwise thats all you will be able to see anyway.
  5. I use a Sanyo LCD TV for my monitor
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    Unless its a 3D capable TV all it can display is 60 FPs. Also if you can and you haven't already disable any post processing the TV does as you don't need it with a PC and it causes input lag.
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