FUture of gaming?

Hi guys.

After looking at many of the last years technologies for gmaing like multiple monitor or 3D (id say those did not really win many crowds out there), and hearing that projectors neither have gained a huge fanbase due to their lack in contrast compared to regular monitors/tvs, i have noticed a new tv by LG that is slight curved


This united with FoV could create an Imax effect relativly soon for the end user.

Ofc this would nto work for strategy games like starcraft, but for cars, fps, etc....

Id actually try to Petent this if i had a reason to :D.

What do you think?
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  1. The curved screens were meant to resolve the whole "can't see true colors if i'm watchinag the TV from an angle.

    If you want immersion, look at what Microsoft's working on (or what they showed at CES). It's called Illumiroom.
  2. I want both...
  3. I dont really know if i am understanding this illumiroom well, but it seems weak...
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