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Hi Guys,

Wonder if someone could shed some light on this for me, I've recently replaced my Volcano 9 with an Aeroflow 7 and it's great, my CPU temp dropped by 12 degrees. The thing is that my mobo temps are higher than the CPU ( CPU - 36 degress & Mobo - 45 degrees ), is this possible ? I have 3 case fans and 2 in my PSU. Temps are being monitored with MBM5.

Athlon XP2000+

Thoughts ?

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  1. Did you happen to catch what your previous mobo temps were?

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  2. Roughly around the same temps, my CPU used to be around the 50 degree mark and I recall the Mobo temp being 5 or so degrees less.
  3. Okay, then it sounds normal. You should be able to lower it if you slap a fan onto the chipset (assuming it already has a sink installed).

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  4. There is always a low price solution: Open the case and leave it open.

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  5. you should be able to with a variable resistor...i think even MBM5 allows you to set a +/- varriaton of what it is reading...but i dont feel like checking.

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  6. Most cases are designed for better airflow with the case closed. Those fans don't really suck air over anything with the case open.. now this might be a great solution if it's about 20f in your room. :)

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