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HI guys. can anyone help me.
i got the game installed using my daemon tools. fallout 3 game of the year edition that i recently downloaded in torrent... pls someone help it always response after i press new game "fallout 3 stopped working"
i installed the game smoothly and installed the 1.7 patch with no problem. im working with windows 7 ultimate
processor:intel(R) CORE (TM) i5- 2540M CPU @250ghz
RAM: 4gb
64 bit operating system

PLS someone im not that good in fixing things pls help . im doing this for my little bro he really loves this game
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    buy it.
  2. It is against forum policy to help other commit software piracy.

    Either buy the game, or don't play it.
  3. Fallout 3 isn't made for Windows 7 or 8. You have to make it run on an OS, which you can do in "properties" I believe, it's a common problem.
  4. myamsar16, shame on you for openly admitting to being a pirate of such a great game.
    The two words torrent, and daemon tools, did it. May I stick a tattoo on your head saying I pirate games, please kick me off the forums, because I never read the rules.
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