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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new headset. I would like it to be wireless and I would pref something under $500. Ideal price point is 125-300. I truly enjoy listening to music and would love the best sound quality possible while having no worries that the mic is going to pick up my voice loud and clear. I have a few leads and have been reading reviews but I would REALLY like to be as informed as possible before unloading a wad of cash. Thanks all and any info is appreciated. Take care!
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  1. I have really been enjoying my time with the Astro A50s ($300).

    They have really good directional audio, and the sound quality itself is really good. They come with some presets, the first of which, in my opinion, being the best, but I hear they even allow you to go to their site and create your own custom sets. I haven't done this myself though (though I should).

    Outside of my personal recommendation, they seem to get stellar reviews across the board. Depending on whether you plan on playing solely on pc, or console as well, the purchase of the A40s may be a better deal for you. It basically comes down to whether or not care to put out the extra cash for wireless. If not, you can save some cash with the A40s, which are supposed to have pretty much the same audio quality but are wired.
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