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I was thinking of buying an AMD Barton 2500 and overclock it but began thinking about the ambient tempertures in the room where the computer will be set up. I have a 2 story house and this room is the hottest one in the house in the summer. I bet it gets up to 85 deg. F. Would this be a problem and what are the recomended ambient temps. for overclocking? I havent heard anything on this subject.
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  1. Can't answer about the temp other than to say that this is good time of year (depending on where you live) to buy a cheap window air conditioner just incase. Plus it will make it more comfortable on the hot nights anyway.
  2. Is 85F 30C? That's not too hot, there are days when my room exceeds 100, I don't think you'd have too big a problem with cooling. I good solution is buying a case with a fan on the door or modding one and putting in a fan, that way, the CPU is cooled with room temp air and not case temp.
    Another issue is that if the room is hot because of poor ventalition and not outside temp, than adding in an overclocked CPU would make it hot as hell there! (But consider there's not much a difference between getting an overclocked 2500+ and a 3200+ when comparing heat dissipation).

    Got a nice overclocked overvolted system to keep you warm at night? That's great. Guess I'll have to settle for a woman...
  3. That could be a problem. Montitor the CPU die temp, not the socket, and make sure it does not break 60 degrees celsius. You can monitor the die with MBM5. The bios ready does not really give a accurate reading for the CPU is not at load then.

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  4. FANS,-- Give me lots of fans.

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  5. Thanks for the replies. Yeah it does get a little hot but only when Im not home then I will turn the AC down and it cools off a little. I would just be worried that the comp. would get too hot while Im not home. I will have to pay close attention to temps. and I guess turn the comp. off when Im not home or keep the AC cranked down all the time and save my $ to pay the electric bill.

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  6. my computer at my house is usually running at 46c under full load .. i'm in an upstairs room and it's by a heater vent.
    When i bring it to my friends house the cpu temp drops to 26 and 30 under full load.

    So position does matter. His back room is an add=on in an old house.. so it's always cold.. well there is massive ammounts of cold air coming from the floor.

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