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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new headset. I would like it to be wireless and I would pref something under $500. Ideal price point is 125-300. I truly enjoy listening to music and would love the best sound quality possible while having no worries that the mic is going to pick up my voice loud and clear. I have a few leads and have been reading reviews but I would REALLY like to be as informed as possible before unloading a wad of cash. Thanks all and any info is appreciated. Take care!
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  1. i have the g930 by logitech and it really is 1 of the better offerings. 1 of the main things to look out for is the signal must be uncompressed audio to get the best sound for the speakers. 40mm nimdims are about as good as they get but as with all wireless theres always a chance of something inter-fearing with em. im lucky in 1 respect in that i dont use wireless apart from the headset so the chances of cross contamination are minimal.
    there are a few other brands on the market but im sad to say none of them are as good as the g930's for signal clarity from what i gather. sound in games is perfect as they can handle dolby surround as well as binaural stereo. the limits are in the range in that they handle mid range sound great but the bass and top end aint as clear as they could be... reason being there 16bit as with all the wireless headsets that use uncompressed signals.
    so its always gonna be a trade off. you either sacrifice some audio range or go wired.
    creative, razer and stenhieser all have wireless head sets along with logitech.
    the stenhiesers are pretty much just headphones from what i can find and dont come with a mic...
    if you can live with that. then sony and panasonic both do wireless headphones that are the match of most any gaming headset for audio. well worth looking into if you can.
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