Recording PC games with Haupaugge HDPVR Gaming Edition

Does anyone know of how to hook up an HDPVR to a desktop and record the game being played onto a Macbook Pro?

If their are any good tutorials that are easy to understand or if someone has done this before could I get some advice/tips on what extra parts I need to buy and where they need to be hooked up at etc.

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  1. bump.. can anyone help?
  2. Sadly there are only 2 capture programs for the mac at this moment and neither of which are free.




    It's pretty rough but I suppose I could tell you a bit about the 2.

    Both programs allow you to set time schedules and monitor although HDPVRCapture utilizes VLC player to monitor recording and EyeTV is a stand alone program. I have used both and with my needs I would rather use EyeTV but other people prefer HDPVRCap because it lets you choose whether or not you want to monitor the video being recorded. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask
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