Ok I have an unushall problem with my rig, when I turn it on for the first time it doesnt load up windows and just sits there sometimes not even turning the moniter on. It takes me like 6 or 7 times pressing the reset button every time I want to use it but after its loaded properly it restarts fine. After about the 4th time doing this i get a blue screen coming up (the one that is telling me that some of my hardware is not in properly, but I know this is wrong becuase everything is correctly installed)At first I thought it might be a problem with me corrupting my windows Kernels but I have repaired my windows 2000pro and im still getting these starting up problems. I have just(about a month ago) put my rig together (see below) and im using the power suply that came with my old P4 2ghz. I have orderd a new 400watt power supply (needing a new one anyway)and im hoping this will correct this but does any one have any idea what is causing it if it isnt todo with power??

My system:
AMD Athlon Barton 3000xp+ @ 2,308mhz 14x166.
ATI Radeon Hercules 9800pro 128mb @ 412/365.
WD 120gb 7,200rpm 8mb cache.
512mb twinmos pc3200 @ 2,2,2,6.
ASUS a7v8x-x Mobo.
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  1. It sounds like a hardware problem. I'd lay money on the power supply. Did you overclock it at all? What made you post in this section? Even if you are a hardware guru everyone makes mistakes so I would check your jumpers and reseat your cables. What psu do you have in there now? Also, is there any noise coming from the hdd? That could indicate a faulty drive.

    A7n8x dlx 1004 Uber Agressive settings
    2500Barton (Bastards locked it) Radeon 9200
    WD 60g @7200w 8mg Cache Crucial 2700 2x 256
    AMD ME??? Yeah they did me alright.
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