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As a part of my bachelor thesis I'm doing a survey of our attitudes toward our cell phones. I'd be eternally grateful if you'd take a moment to fill it out! It's very small and should take less than 5 minutes. Oh, and it's completely anonymous of course (although you can leave your email if you wish to know the results of my analysis).

Hopefully, using the data from this, I'll be able to predict the future a bit.

Just click here to go take the survey.

This is NOT spam, by the way.

Many thanks!

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  1. The reward made it totally worth it.
  2. So epic =]
  3. nice
  4. Attitude Function Theory buddy.

    I wrote my thesis using Herek / Hill's Tripartite model and added a fourth dimension - aesthetics ... wasn't significant.

    Social Expressive
    Affective / Attachment.

    I see where you are going.

    You might want to check my reference list or lookup Dr A Hill - she has done some pretty good work and is a colleague.

    I'll PM you some stuff if you want it ... my focus was on place (1993).

    I god a 2A Hons for my work.

    Good luck !!

    Trying to capture emotional response is best found using hypotheticals rather than straight questions.

    Thanks for the free cat Henrik !!
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