Weird FPS issue

So when i was playing black ops 2, my fps was at an average of 35 while the settings are maxed. When i set the settings to the lowest i still get 35 average fps.

My GPU is hooked up to an acer LCD monitor playing at 1920x1080. the only other game i've played is serious same hd, which went up to 120 fps on ultra settings.

The temperature of my GPU is constantly at around 40 degrees so it's probably not overheating.

so wtf is going on?

my specs:
intel core duo CPU 2.26ghz/2.27ghz
6gb ram
windows 8 x64
radeon hd 7870
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  1. windows 8 incompatibility... the 7870 should be giving you 90 fps max setting x4 aa.
    the o.s doesnt like games. and will likely not like em for at least another 6 months till m.s patch windows 8 with a service pack.
    best you upgrade to windows 7. there is no reason to run win 8 for gamers. it brings nothing but issues just now.

    yes i say upgrade because windows 8 is a backwards step as far as my personal assessment of windows o.s goes.
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