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I just have a question about cooling instructions. I'm running an XP 2500 Barton Core on a Gigabyte GA-7NNXP with a Vantec Aerocool, A Maxtor 80GB 8MB Cache HD, A WD 40GB HD, A Powerup 350 watt power supply and all in an Enermax CS-31881TA-B3A, and I can't get my temperature to go below 75 degrees celcius according to Gigabyte's "Easy Tune4". In bios, the cpu temp reads 88 degrees celcius. This is horrible I know, but I cant seem to lower it unless I UNDERCLOCK my processor. I have 4 CoolerMaster 80X80X80mm fans in the case and I took off the case covers to help airflow but still up over 75. Should I get a new heatsink/fan, and if so, do you have any suggestions that you know would fit on my motherboard. Any advice would help! Thank you
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  1. Is it even possible to boot at those temperatures?
    Well, I'd say first flash it with the newest bios version and see if that gives you a different temperature reading.
    Secondly, make sure the heatsink is not on backwards or something, and that it has thermal grease in between the heatsink and the cpu.(if it has a thermal pad, you'll have to take it off and then apply grease, not too heavily though) Your temperature shouldn't be that high no matter how cheap the heatsink is......well, maybe, I could imagine plenty of older heatsinks that would let it go that high, but no current heatsink.
  2. Have you actually tried touching the HSF? If so does it feel like its 90c?

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