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i have intel i3-540@3.06ghz processor, 4gb ddr3ram,zotac nvidia graphic card 8400gs 1gb, window7 ultimate (32 bit)... it runs games in very low fps despite all graphics features of the game are set to minimal as possible like resolution,textures ect.. please help me...
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  1. Without specifics, nobody can tell you exactly if the performance you are getting is the performance you should be.

    Your graphics card is incredibly weak, this is most likely the cause of your problem. You are using a graphics card that is essentially a five year old entry level card.

    If you are playing games from that era or before it's possible you can get them to run at a respectable speed, but anything much more modern isn't likely to run smoothly.
  2. My God!, the Intel HD2000/HD2500 would probably outperform a 8400GS

    Here we compare your card to the lowest card I recommend to any gamer, the fabulous NVIDIA "GeForce GTX650 Ti", not to be confused with the GTX650 (non-Ti).
    - http://www.hwcompare.com/13937/geforce-8400-gs-512mb-vs-geforce-gtx-650-ti-2gb/

    The GTX650 Ti is 10.21x times as powerful as your current GeForce 8400GS, worst case scenario.
    - Where you're scrapping 6.25fps (terrible, more like a slide show if anything) a GTX650 Ti will get nearer to 64fps, if not much more.

    The GTX650 Ti only uses 2.75x times the power to generate >= 10.21x the performance!

    Heck, the oldest card I have is an ATI Radeon HD4890 and it's not in my main rig (obviously).
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