P4 2.4C SL6WF OC

Hey guys!!

My parts finally r comin 2day (least purolator said so)!!! So neways, this is what i've got...

P4 2.4C SL6WF (Thermal Right SLK-947U + stock fan)
Asus P4P800 Deluxe
OCZ PC3500 Gold
Ati Radeon 9600XT
4 Spectrum 80mm case fans
160gig Maxtor SATA

I was hoping 2 be able 2 hit between 3 and 3.3Ghz... so wat voltage settings, ram timings and that kinda stuff do u think i should use??? Also, should i let the system run at default for a few weeks 2 burn in b4 i try any ocing?? O and b4 i 4get... when i put the heatsink onto the processor, do i need 2 get some thermal paste or is that just optional?? Sry... pretty new 2 this stuff so got lotsa questions
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  1. P4 2.4C? I didn't know they were still makin' 'em, anyway, it's as cheap as a 2.6C now... anyway...
    You're gonna need to set the FSB:RAM to 5:4 and then increase the FSB. First install windows, then OC.
    You're also gonna need to put some paste on the processor, the stuff that comes with the HS is OK, but if you buy some Arctic Silver 3/5/Ceremique it would be better - you're choice.

    Got a nice overclocked overvolted system to keep you warm at night? That's great. Guess I'll have to settle for a woman...
  2. You will easily get that going to ~3.1ghz. I am an OCing newb and mine is running with stock cooling at 2.89ghz with no probs whatsoever. I overclocked as soon as I started using my system and it has been half a year without any trouble, so I'm sure you could go ahead and OC.

    PIV 2.4c @ 2.88ghz
    1gig PC3200 (512mbx2)
    ASUS P4P800
    GF3 Ti200 64mb (soon to be replaced)
    WinXP Pro
    3DMark2001SE: 6300
    3DMark2003: 688
  3. K got some results already... i used the AI overclock that came with the mobo... its awesome... at 30% overclock the computer ran at 3.12ghz without a hitch!!! Gonna do some more testings and see how much higher i can get it to run... so far i've been able to hit about 3.34 but had some stability issues
  4. Just did the same with mine. I love this processor.

    PIV 2.4c @ 3.12ghz
    1gig PC3200 (512mbx2)
    ASUS P4P800
    GF3 Ti200 64mb (soon to be replaced)
    WinXP Pro
    3DMark2001SE: 6453
    3DMark2003: 729
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