PS2 on a LCD monitor?

I wanted to play some old ps2 games but i don't have a TV anymore.
I do however have an old HP LCD monitor that i don't use.
I've seen many posts on this topic but none of them address the of quality of games on this type of monitors.

Do games look just as good as they looked on older CRT TVs?
The monitor i have has a res of 1024X 1280 60hz VGA, most probably interlaced.
I will need a VGA to video converter to play the games. So i just wanted to know if the games looked decent enough before i bought a converter.

Any other suggestions would be great.
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  1. I used to use a PS3 (rarely) via a 1680x1050 monitor (16:10 aspect ratio) and it worked fine!

    Somewhat strangely I think the detected resolution was higher than the screen supported.

    On cheaper monitors there is a chance that doing this will ruin the screen.
  2. I've been using one of these cable on the ps2 to connect to a vga monitor:

    You do have to choose component video output on the setings screen prior to using it on a vga screen.
  3. PS2 looks sucky on vga, the games aren't written for vga.
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