Horrible tech support from ASUS

I have written ASUS and submitted my problems to them concerning their motherboard but they have completely ignored me. I have even called them twice. The first time I was given the ole "install the latest drivers" answer. The second time I was told they were too busy and that they would call back. Yeah right!
Have any of you experienced the same problems? Any suggestions on getting around this?
I promise you I don't care if they are giving away motherboards I will never own another MB from ASUS even if they are some of the best boards. Man they have made me mad. I submitted my tech support problem to them on Jan 16! 11 days later they still have done nothing but to ask what kind of ram I'm using.
Who are we supposed to complain to? I could call them again and wait on hold for 20 minutes just to be told their manager is not available.
Just needed to vent! Thanks for listening
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  1. You should read the P4C800-E Deluxe review at Sysopt. Asus refused to contact me concerning a relatively minor issue, even after I warned them I would be publishing a review.

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  2. Yeah for some reason ASUS supports seems to have dissappeared lately. Ive called them recently and got no where except to a receptionist that did help a little. They keep telling me a tech will call me back but never happends. Also it takes over a month now to do warranty work on the mobos. They probably just dropped their tech support call center all together instead of putting it overseas and making us talk to people reading off of bubble sheets and cannot a work of english.

    Its even a pain in the a$$ to speak with ATI support now and their turn around time is about the same. Tech companies are being cheap-a$$ misers now and only cares about getting the money now. Its happening everywhere now.

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  3. To bad about your deal with Asus. If it weren't for this forum I would have been an owner of an Asus mobo, came very close. Been through a deal like that with Dell a few years ago, never ever again. I need a mobo and I have it down to either Intel D875PBZ or Abit IS7 (not planning to do any clocking on this trip)...........

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  4. I will say this. I personally don't give a damn how good a product is, when the company has an I don't give a sh** attitude and doesn't care about the customer after the sale I wont buy the product for no reason period. There is power in the pen, helloooooo Crashman. I know a tech person who writes for CPU magazine plus 3 or 4 other magazines and he told me he also had issues with the Asus people and their mobo.

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  5. I agree. I would rather pay extra to get a good product with good support than to get the cheapest price. That's what I love about communities like this: you get a head's up before you make a serious mistake or decision.
    BUT the bottom line is that Asus and others should not be allowed to get away with stuff like this!
    Example: I called Western Digital and told tech support that I was having an odd problem with their hard drive. It was running really slow. The tech told me to run the diagnostic tools, I did and it showed a problem with the drive. He said "yep you got a bad drive I'll send you a new one". NOW THAT'S SERVICE! I don't care if their drives are 20% more than the next guy I will always buy WD from now until their support gets sucky.
  6. I have an issue with the E-Deluxe and I can't seem to get them to call me back either. It's only been two days, tho.

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  7. intel has good tech support too, they replace physically damage products...so sweet...

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