PS3 or an xbox 360????

So i'm planning on buying a console for gaming since i have a good enough pc, so which should i pick? A ps3 or an xbox 360???

And please tell me the advantages, games that are exclusive for the console and some other stuff that i need to know in choosing a console. Please help me out :)
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  1. Just wait until the next gen consoles come out later this year, then decide.

    Heck, even Valve is releasing one.
  2. Get what your friends have. But I'll wait for next year for the next gen consoles.
  3. The PS3 has free internet (XBOX charges). The PS3 has less lag in games and the graphics are somewhat better. PS3 also has blueray. BUT, your friends are probably running on the XBOX in which case online gameplay won't work.
    Wait until the Next ones come out and then get the old one at a huge discount!! (in which case, the PS3 will probably still have games readily available for a couple more years---XBOX will not)
  4. Personal preference. If you have lots of Windows enabled products, you can connect them to the XBOX. But if you have Sony products or enjoy Blu-Ray movies, then go for that.
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    I wouldn't hold my breath for Valve's console; Newell will throw money at it to make it work, but MS and Sony have the experience and won't want to lose ground. In other words, they'll make sure their next consoles are amazing - and with Oculus Rift coming out, they will be.


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