Gigabyte vs Abit ???

Putting aside cost. Which of these two boards are better made, perform better and which of the two is better when it comes to customer service. There doesn't seem to be much said here in regards to the Gigabyte board? I am interseted in an Intel based board P4 875P/3.2 1gb.DDR. Opinions appreciated. Thanks..........

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  1. A while back a company I work for purchased around 250-300 Abit sckt 370 mobo's, since then everyone of them has been returned. Some have even gone back 2 or 3 times. All of this was for bad capacitors. (We aslo returned quite a few MSI boards as well, but not nearly aas many.) I am not joking when I say that every one of those motherbaords was returned. As far as Abit now, I dunno, but I think out of the 200+ boards from Gigabyte we've recently sold maybe 3 have gone back. But we just started selling a little over a year ago. I read there were problems with capicitors in general during that time period, but we didn't send ONE DFI manufactred board back. Thats just my 2 cents. I wouldn't buy an Abit but I do know of people who swear by them and probably curse Gigabyte.

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  2. Personnaly I never trust Gigabyte because I saw some of my friends had a lot of trouble with some mobo. The Abit are stable and really overclackable ; ). I don't find a lot on the new board with a p4 875 but if you want to see some articles on mobo with AMD and P4 845 just check those to link. Offered by THG

    for p4 :

    for AMD :

  3. I would have to go on user advice from some one who owns one of the boards in question.As for which company is better I would have to say that depends on your use and the chipset in question because it seems that only one or two manufactures can get it right with any chipset at one time or another.But thats my opinion
  4. The best Intel Mobo for the money. Abit IS7.
  5. Abit, MSI, Epox, and ESPECIALLY Gigabyte had that same capacitor problem, I believe all the capacitors involved were Jackon brand (maybe a few Teya's too).

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  6. the best intel based board is the abit ic7-max, its awesome and overclocks better than anything else out of the bax.
    Its way better than anything gigabyte has out and abits rma servise if its ever needed is alot better than gigabytes.

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  7. If your paranoid about quality iv seen no troubles or anything said by anyone about the ASUS boards - they seem to last and go without any troubles forever... but then again - has anyone got any experience on ASUS? i may be wrong... Input here would be great!
  8. you are joking right? read back a few posts in the motherboard sections at least, you will find plenty of problems with asus boards....latley its been problems with voltage regulators.....

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  9. Abit, final answer

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  10. I have a GA-8KNXP ,running a P4 3.2 . It over clocks to 3.6 but that is its limit. No problems with it so far . I have been running it at 3.52 for about seven months for games. This is my set up A GA-8Knxp mother board, a P4 3.2 running at 3.52 ,a ATI 9800 PR0 Vidio card 1gig of crusial 3200LLPT memory. When I leave it alone it runs like a top. LOL LOL LOL and thier support has been great. I got it because it was recommended by Tomshareware as the best at the time
  11. I had Abit board and currently using Gigabyte board
    Both boards are solid and great.
  12. ASUS they are wondewrful when they work..... if they dont you are screwed, they have the worst customer service EVER. They do make good boards, dont get me wrong but if you get a bad one you are in trouble.
  13. I just reread what you said. WOW, talk about a slanted statement. You see, Gigabyte had the same problems as Abit, at the same time, with the same capacitors. So here's what you said:
    1.) We bought a bunch of boards from Abit at a time when both Abit and Gigabyte were using faulty capacitors.
    2.) We bought a bunch of Gigabyte boards AFTER both companies had quit using those defective capacitors. None failed.
    3.) Since ALL the Abits failed, and none of the Gigabytes failed, Gigabyte makes better boards.

    Abit, Gigabyte, Expox, and to a lesser extent MSI, all had the same capacitor problems. Abit replaced ALL the returned boards, no questions asked. I even BOUGHT a bunch of bad Abit boards that were still under waranty, at a low price, and sent them to Abit for replacement...then sold the replacements at 1000% profit.

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  14. Abit

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  15. Well, I have an Asus P4C800 Deluxe. I am abloslutely pleased with the boards performance, but they don't seem to be to great for overclocking without serious modding. I can't get my P4 2.6 past 3.1, and I have OCZ DDR533 which will deffinately take alot more. My Asus R9800P doesn't oc verry well either, that board has the best rated stock cooler out there. They seem to do it on purpose would be my guess so people don't fry the boards and then send them in saying they were defective. In my opinion, if you want to OC, i've heard great things about the Abit board, if you want mild oc and great warranty and performance you would have no complaints about Asus.

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  16. By the way, what two companies were the "American" ones?? I think MSI was one, but who else???

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    P4C800 Deluxe
    512mb OCZ DDR533
    Asus 9800P 256 @396/733
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