Xbox 360 or pc for games

:hello: ,Guys Nice to share things with u :ange:.. Plz tell me guys what would be the good Platform to play games.
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  1. I prefer PC for games, but that's just me. I've played console games before, but I don't like them...

    It all depends on your preferences. I'm not crazy about using controllers. I prefer mouse and keyboard. Using a controller felt a little awkward even after playing consoles games for more than a year at a friend's place.

    For a while most of the games I've been playing were strategy games and they generally do not work well on consoles. I have since stop playing strategy games though. If there are a lot of games you want to play that are only available on the PC then the PC would probably be better. Likewise with consoles, if most of the games you want to play are only available for the console then there you have it.

    Then there is the platform itself. The great thing about consoles is that you do not need to upgrade them in order to play new / future games (more on this later...). consoles are closed systems. Everyone who has an Xbox 360 or PS3 basically have the same system... maybe the hard drive is larger or you might have bought the bundle with the motion detector/controller. They are also relatively inexpensive for the hardware you are getting (meaning consoles are sold below cost), that's because MS / Sony / Nintendo makes up for the loss by selling licensed games. An Xbox 360 game bought this year is just as playable as on an Xbox 360 bought this year as an Xbox bought back in 2008.

    For a PC, you pay "full price" for your hardware and operating system whether you build it yourself or you buy it from Dell / HP / etc. The good thing was that at least PC games were $10 cheaper than their console counterparts. No longer. Games for both type of system are now the same price and have been that way probably for that past 2 or 3 years. Hardware for PCs is always evolving (consoles do not change), therefore new games / future games will have higher system requirements. You can still play a 2013 game on a gaming PC you built back in 2008, but don't expect to the game to perform very well if you are the type to run your games with maxed out graphics. Therefore, playing PC games will end up costing more money than console games. Especially if you're the type of person who would only consider playing games with high or max settings.

    The next gen Xbox 360 (Xbox 720 ??) and Sony Ps4 are expected to be released this year I think. Therefore, buying either the Xbox 360 or PS3 now will mean you are not likely going to play games designed for the next gen console.
  2. Pc
  3. PC, it's more powerful, better graphics, bigger range of games and peripherals (including the option of using console controllers)

    Only when I cannot get the game for the PC do I turn to consoles.
  4. I play Call of Duty on console as it doesn't look that great anyway, you still get the 60FPS and all my friends play it. I have dozens of Call of Duty playing friends on console and 1 or 2 on PC. Everything else is done on PC.
  5. Well, I've knew this since I got xBox Live. Get what your friends have, you will have just as much fun gameplay wise. Trust me
  6. I would certainly recommend you a gaming PC. The games are not only cheaper but you can also upgrade your hardware as and when required. But as the other guy said next consoles would be launching soon ,you will have to wait for that.
  7. If things like adjustable anti-aliasing, actual graphics options and 1080p resolution are important to you, the answer is PC.
  8. Sometimes, Xbox has some restrictions to download the game, so it is necessary to transform the network IP,This is troublesome
  9. if u wait for the next generation consoles you would have to pay alot for them. AND also for their games.
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