Lag when moving mouse help plz

frist the game(rakion) was working perfect last 1 year.....after downloading a stat hack works but i got a very terrible and weird mouse lag....when ever i move the mouse no matter where .... in lobby/in game/in shop i got lag and FPS drops to 0.....and what make me mad that in game when i press the moving keys (W.A.S.D) I GOT ABSOLUTELY NO i thought the problem is from the hack...i delete the hack..and i STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM and not only on Rakion on other games to like (L4D2..wolfteam... MW3...TF2) its not a graphic card problem cuz all this games was working perfect before downloading the hack

i tried:
1.change game partitian (from C to D)
2.reinstall the game
3.change mouse
4.change mouse USB port
5.go to task manger processes and change perioty to low

help plz i have searched too much and i havent find a solution .... its too weird .... and i dont want to setup a new windows...plz help

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  1. Go to device manager, uninstall the mouse then reinstall it again.
  2. same problem -.-
    thanks for reply
  3. buy new cheap mouse? do you have a wired or wireless mouse? does your mouse have a ball or laser under it?
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