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I am a senior trying to find a 4 display video card with reasonable gaming capability on one or two of them. I've been out of gaming for a few years and bot Doom 3 BFG edition and "canyouplayit" reported my two ATI Radeon 4600 1 gig cards were well below minimum.
Current hardware is a Gigabyte motherboard a 3(+) years old, AMD 4 die 2.6GHz CPU with 8Gig type two memory which Microsoft's test program marks as 7.2 except for the ATI cards, (5). Win7 64bit Profession Edition
The four screens are 19" 1280x1024 resolution.

Two video cards would crowd out all other cards due to heat clearance and double slot, but it is an option.
A Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC 3GB card will do the trick but is $800+ here in Canada and seems to be be massive overkill for the old motherboard.

Please, any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike in Ontario.
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  1. Get a flex series cards offered by sapphire. Those cards are built for multiple displays.
  2. the latest nvidia cards i believe also support up to 4 monitors, my buddy was just talking to me about this the other day.

    but the Flex series cards by sapphire have been supporting many monitors for longer either up to 4 or 6 monitors on one card depending on configuration and adapters needed.
  3. Thanks for the advice people. It turns out the ma board is too old to accept these modern cards anyway, (wrong slot or something). An advisor suggested I order two EVGA GEForce GT 610 o2G-P3-2617-KR Video Cards -2GB, GDDR#, PCI Express 2.0 to fit my older ma board. These are single slot and don't crowd out other cards. They are also cheap at $110 for both, (perhaps cheap for Canada). These will tide me over till my board gets toooo darned old or I can't get parts for the boiler ;-} Building a custom machine is expensive and I'd just as soon put off a rebuild.

    It is worthy to note that I finally managed to install Doom 3 BFG edtion and tried playing it with the existing two Radeon 4600 series cards. It works just fine at lower resolutions, (I haven't pushed it up much yet as it's all new stuff to me). canyouplayit.com said it wouldn't work at all. It is possible that this program ignores the second cards resouces or ??

    Mike in Ontario
  4. The new cards will work on your pcie x16 2.0 slot.
    Anyway what motherboard you have?
  5. 4 screens for gaming wont work. your center point will be between the 2 middle 1s.
    also there very small by todays standards. as for the rest of the system its to old to set up as a tri screen gaming monster. the cpu is likely a first gen phenom which means it will bottleneck when you get up to cards as powerful as the 560ti or hd 6950. maybe even befor that as they weren't a match for the core 2 quads of the time. and they start showing signs of bottlenecking with a gtx 570 or a 6970

    im not saying it wont work in some fashion but your likely to suffer horrendous fps variations.
    if your serious about multi monitor gaming then you really want a whole new pc.
    if thats not an option then a hydravision card is your best option because its easiest to set up via hdmi (you will need 3 converters to either vga or dvi). it will likely still be to much for the cpu even when working on 3 small screens but at least its a cheap option and 1s you see the results you will likely be back asking what cpu to put with it. and recomend a good single screen.
    for your current system i would recomend no more than a 7850
  6. EVGA GEForce GT 610 o2G-P3-2617-KR Video Cards -2GB, GDDR#, PCI Express 2.0 are utter garbage and a waste of money as there less powerfull than the cards your taking out. if you want to play games. both together they wont have enough grunt to run the most basic of games like railroad tycoon.
    the clown is trying to sell you garbage that the shop cant sell. so dont buy them you want 1 powerful gaming card not 2 very very weak video cards.

    the 610 has about the same grunt as an 8400gt which in itself is a little weaker than the hd 4600 so you will litrally be downgrading.
    cancel the order or send them back do not pay any restock charges because the guy has mis sold you something you did not need.
    if your board has pci-e 1.1 then you can run pci-e 2.0 cards in it. if its 2.0 you can run the newer 3.0 cards in it as there backward comparable. and all you will loose is maybe 1-3 fps. because your using an older standard.
  7. was about to say, but hexit has already mentioned, if you are gaming, do NOT get the GT610, that is a waste of money and wont get anywhere for gaming purposes.

    you can always try to find an older hd 6870 flex card, could probably find them for dirt cheap now, and probably pay around same amount as they would have charged you for those GT610's.

    I think i had more to add, but lost train of thought.. guess that happens working midnights in a call center, lol.
  8. Hi guys:
    The GT610 cards are going back unopened and they aren't charging me a restock fee, (so they say). Thanks for your advice... well done.

    As requested, the Mother board is a Gigabyte "Ultra Durable 3 Classic", MA790X-UD4, socket AM2/AM2+.
    I have't found anthing in the manual to rate the video slots. It seems to talk only of Configuring an ATI Crossfire(TM) System for two vid cards.

    Hope this helps and thanks again.
  9. You have 2 PCIE 2 x 16 slots that can run at 8x when you have both filled so you can use any 1 or 2 modern AMD cards fine or any single Nvidia card (the board support crossfire but not SLi). Thats all assuming this is your board http://uk.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3002#sp
  10. Yeah, that has 2 PCI-e slots. As sscultima said, I would recommend trying to find a HD 6870 Flex card fairly cheap. Any more than that and your CPU will bottleneck you.
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