Should i upgrade to win7

hello guys, im still using vista 64bit ultimate edition

i was wondering if i should upgrade to vista 64bit ultimate

i mainly use my computer for intense gaming therefore care really much about performance, especially ingame
i dont really care about graphics though

so i was wondering if i should uograde, and if so should i do a full upgrade where i reformat everything and reinstall windows

or should i do a quick upgrade where it just upgrade vista to 7????

please leave advice, tyvm
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  1. I don't think you're going to see a noticable gaming performance difference switching to Win7. Boot up and other things do run more smoothly - the whole thing just feels better - but not by a lot.

    If you do go to Win7, by all means take the opportunity to start fresh. half the sluggishness of an old OS is because of the crap you added to it :)
  2. I personally don't like upgrades. Some of the old stuff is likely to cause problems.

    I skipped Vista because of it's flakiness but, even though, I am a die-hard fan of XP, I have not regraded installing 7 on my new rig.

    Fast and running stable. just get the OEM version
  3. ^ When something works, no reason to change it. I've still got two rigs running on XP, one on Vista, and three on Win7. Vista is now almost as good as Win7 (talking about standard performance, not things like Trim for SSDs, etc.). XP is . . . well, XP. It just works.
  4. thx for the replies, so im currently fine with vista's interface etc.
    my mum's laptop is win7 64bit, although i hardly use it i don't really enjoy the taskbars of win7, its not good for fast switching

    also im seeking to get some new hardwares so i will be fine to stay on vista?????
  5. Now you're asking a different question, so I need to know more about your PC. Custom built or from a Vendor like Dell? Do you have a real Vista disk (or access to one) or just a "Recovery Disk"?

    Finally, what upgrades are you planning?

    What I'm worried about is if you try to change (eg) the motherboard, you will need to re-install Windows.
  6. oh, okay my pc is custom built and i was hoping to upgrade parts like graphics card and maybe cpu and power supply, and yeah i got a vista disk

    and im not sure about changing the motherboards, i was hoping to use the old one unless it cant handle the new hardwares.
  7. As long as you have the OS disk and license, you're OK with Vista. Otherwise, you'd add $100 to your upgrade cost for a new OS and you'd want to move to Win7.
  8. wait, i have disk and licence for both vista and win7
    im pretty comfortable with vista now but just wonder if i should upgrade to vista
    for all the benefits other says it brings
  9. No point. There are a few nifty things in Win 7, but I wouldn't consider it worthwhile to back up, format, and reinstall everything. If you must have XP compatibility mode, then yeah you may want Win 7. I have one desktop machine with Vista business though and I just run XP in Virtual Box. I do the same for my Laptop with Win 7 Home Premium. Keep in mind though that XP mode doesn't have any GPU 3d acceleration while you can run old XP 3d games in a Virtual Box VM of XP.
  10. Personnaly i moved straight from xp to win 7 64bit i jump vista because of all the bad hype before it came out and i am glad i did. i use my computer for gaming and have to say that win7 is the best os i have used and can not fault it in anyway i would highly recommend the jump to win 7 and i dont think you'll look back after you get used to the different interface.

    It just feels smoother looks great and works. as to whether its faster than the others i'd say it probably is but have no stats to back it up i am sure there probably is if you google it.
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