Is Vaio S 15" laptop good for gaming?

I've just bought a Sony laptop with the following specs:

-i7 3632 QM (3rd generation) processor, 2.20Ghz with turboboost up to 3.10 Ghz (Quad-core)
-Nvidia Geforce GT 640M LE( 2gb dedicated), also Intel HD 4000 graphics
-750 GB Hdd
-1920x1080 resolution.

I do not have so much information about hardware, so I want to ask if this laptop can run games like FarCry 3, Skyrim, Shogun 2 Total War in high settings?
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  2. It looks fine for gaming although my Sony Vaio make me want to kill myself due to the fact I can't even run TF2, Minecraft, and Terraria on low.
  3. That is the same GPU that is used in the Razer Edge tablet thing, and you have a faster CPU so you should be able to run most games on low-medium. According to some CES stuff, the Edge can do Dishonored on medium at 1366 x 768, so at 1920 x 1080 you could probably do low. I'm not sure about Far Cry 3, Skyrim and Shogun 2. Far Cry 3 is very demanding in general, and Skyrim is CPU intensive, and that CPU has a low clock speed. I have never played nor heard anything about Shogun 2 so I can't really comment on that.

    It looks like a nice laptop, the problem is just that laptops aren't designed for gaming as Brett said.
  4. DON'T underestimate shogun 2 friend. Because you can see 32000 soldier moving at a time so if you want to keep that thing you shouldn't think about shogun 2.
  5. It's fairly weak, the performance of the GT 640m LE is 20% below the regular GT 640m. You bought a sinking ship my friend. :(
  6. Itll run any modern game at least on low
  7. But how come? Right now i'm playing bf3 on high settings and there isnt any lag
  8. According to this you are getting around 21FPs which is not what most people would like to play it at Am I wrong or does it play much smoother at low settings?
  9. Lol, I have a desktop with a 970 now :D
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