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im new in overclocking, im planning to OC my pc, but im have no background on OC, can anyone give me some tips! do and donts! i already read the post on 'newbie guide to overclocking athlon' i dont think that enough.. so anyone help me before i burn my chip...
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  1. It helps to mention what motherboard,cpu,memory,size power supply , will you use a sound card or built in sound? All these things make a differance.What are you going to use this computer for ? gaming? video? Do you plan on spending a wad or are you like most of us on a budget?Some things can and can't be pinched on,it all depends on your taste and what you want to do.The key thing is not to get in a rush when trying to overclock as it does and will take time.
  2. this what i got! its pretty old but i like to squeeze more juice from it...

    asus A7V266-C
    amd athlon XP1500+ (palomino)
    32 mb ram
    gforce 32 mb
    im not a gamer type, with this spec what can play!
  3. I think You REALLY need a RAM upgrade. I would just chuck that stick and get 512MB.

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  4. If i were you i wouldn't bother overclocking that palomino, because best you could get out of it is 200mhz if you're lucky.

    -Intel PIV 2.6C @ 3.276G -Asus P4P800 -OCZ Copper 4x256 4000EL memory @ 252mhz 2.5-3-4-6 -XFX 5900 128meg 530/1020 -SB audigy -2x120G Seagate 7200.7 S-ATA150 hdd -450 Enermax PSU
  5. that's one of my prob. palomino cause too much heat! but im still interested to OC it. sort of test drive.. i think your right tombance, i really need a good ram.
  6. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A OC FACT! OC 101! things to remember, things to do.. which associate with my old pc...
  7. Actually with at least 256MB ram your system would play most games. Not at highest resolution or detail level, but deacently.

    No- one really thinks you are serious. Overclocking your comp would produce almost no results.
    You are constantly running on virtual memory from the harddrive.

    A memory upgrade would be your best option. Then maybe some overclocking.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  8. "A newbie’s guide to Overclocking an Athlon XP CPU"
    i think u should be aware of that thread on the top.

    A fine day!
  9. Another thing, if your not a gamer, then whats the point in overclocking? I cant see how an extra 200Mhz is gonna make IE run faster, but more memory will, so I would concentrate on that before anything else.

    <A HREF="http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7454540" target="_new">Yay, I Finally broke the 12k barrier!!</A>
  10. get those 256mb before the price jump again.
    I have seen PC100 256mb costing you the same as a DDR400 512mb. PC133 is cheaper than PC100! So act quickly, do not hesitate!

    A fine day!
  11. First off, as said upgrade your memory to at least 256mb 2100 ddr.Maybe even two ,if you can afford it,also unless your 32mb stick is 2100 ddr retire it.Make sure and get a fan/heatsink rated for 2100xp or bigger.AMD says that the max die temp for 1700 palomino is 90 deg. celcius so watch your cpu temp closely. Also what 32mb Geforce card?....gts,2,pro???
  12. ok! ill get a new ram,256mb or better,

    the reason i want to OC my pc is:
    1st: i want faster.
    2nd: my pc is starting to get slow..
    3rd: i like to OC

    about my video card i only got gforce 2 pro... i know.. it suck!
  13. Before you order your memory make sure it will work with your motherboard as it is based on the KT266A chipset.I have a MSI motherboard based on the same chipset and it didn't like most 333MHz memory.I believe I read it was a quirk with the chipset?I'm at the present waiting on a new A-Bit board.:-)
  14. i really need a good ram (quoted by newbie_LU)


    sorry but i couldnt resist.

    My system:
    AMD Athlon Barton 3000xp+
    ATI Radeon Hercules 9800pro 128mb
    WD 120gb 7,200rpm 8mb cache.
    512mb twinmos pc3200
    ASUS a7v8x-x Mobo.
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