I've got a leadtek 5900lx and i'm wondering if i should fit some heatsinks to the ram chips before clocking it right up.

standard settings are 300/700 and i've got it at 400/800 and although this runs totally stable,i'd like to get more out of it but the complete lack of heatsinks on the ram worries me.

What heatsinks do you recomend for the ram? i need 8.
I'm looking for a uk supplier.
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  1. just buy the cheap thermaltake ram cooling kit, i think it's big enough to cover all 8 rams with 2 pieces. Oh also, flash your bios to the standard 5900, you'll get some extra voltage that way.

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  2. Yea. Get some RAM heatsinks and you can hit stock 5900. That Gainward 5900 (1200 XP) is looking real nice.
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