Hey looking for a good keyboard mouse and monitor

Hey everyone got my rig built using my 52" TV as a monitor right now and a cheap keyboard and my imac mouse for now lol anyway am looking for a great keyboard mouse and monitor for gaming price don't really matter I would like bling a LCD screen if possable on the keyboard but not nessasary if it doesn't have performance I never tryed a mechanical keyboard and read great things about them and some nice lights lol. As for a mouse am not to sure haven't read much just a bit on the R.A.T 9. And for a monitor around 27"-36" as long as it doesn't hinder performance.
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  1. if your gonna sit up close than 23-24inches is more than enough for the monitor.
    there are some nice 120hz 3d 1s out but there are some quite impressive 60hz models that are going cheap.
    as for keyboards there are some nice 1s out there but your looking at 80+for 1s with backlighting. just stay clear of razor and you will get a good mechanical gaming keyboard.
    look for 1s with nkrol which is full keyboard antighosting/full key roll over.
    6krol will work for fps gamers but if you play other kinds of games like teken you may need to be able to press more than 6 keys at a time. some keyboards have a ps2 adapter which turns them from 6key roll to nkrol but in doing so you will loose backlighting on these models but some come with usb nkrol which is the better option. so look carefully b4 you buy. if it says nkrol via ps2 then you know it will loose the backlighting if you use that feature.
    there are only a couple of keybaords that do nkrol via usb so dont jump in if you see it listed. make sure...
    currently the q-pad mk85 and coolermaster quick fire pro are 2 of the better 1s.

    as for mice. the avango 9500/9800 sensors are 2 of the better sensors and come in lots of different mice.
    the rat 9 has issues with z axis drift on the sensor but if you can live with that then its not an issue. also it uses a philips sensor and by some reports its a little jittery but i have had no issues with my rat 7 contafion... i would recomend you look at the 7 as they have more options 1s you get past the basic model. but there are other choices that are just as good and in some opinions better.
    zowie am, mice are good but better for smaller hands.
    coolermaster nice mice with cool looks
    roccat some nice mice in there range. kone+ and kova being my faves from them
    logitech built a solid reputation for quality mice.
    anker new player that offer a great mouse for a very low price. (current king of the budget mice with an offering thats the match of any gaming mouse of x2 the price and more.
    corsair quality...
    they all do great gaming mice but you will need to try em b4 you buy em so get out to the shops and put them in your hand b4 you decide to fork over money.
    mice are a very personal choice and what i like may not work for you this is why i say go try as manyu as you can get your hands on. seriously it could be the best mouse in the world but if its not comfy to use then its useless.
  2. Right on right now am playing shooters until I can get into another mmo can't seem to since wow lol. I love my 27" on my imac so something along those lines would be great monitor wise and is 120hz make much of a differance looks wise I love detail.
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