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Hi. My question is, if my computer has 8GB of memory then after using up some of the memory it depletes to lets say 7.5GB and the game I want says "System Requirements: Requires file system support for files up to 8 GB", will I still be able to run the game?
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  1. Yes, it takes into account your system using a certain amount of resources before it loads the games. Although, I'd love to know what game requires 4GB, or more, to run.
  2. Looks like I have to go upgrade my memory then sadly. The Witcher 2 requires 8GB. Any estimates on how much another 4GB stick cost?
  3. System Requirements: Requires file system support for files up to 8 GB

    doesnt mean you need 8gb of ram

    it means it wont run on operating systems that are fat32 formatted

    as they have a single file size limit of 4gb

    or it means you need 8gb of space on your hard drive to install the game

    far as i can see 2gb of ram minimum and 4gb ram recommended for that game
  4. Ah, that 8GB is the space it needs on your hard drive. It does not need the same amount of space in RAM.

    The amount of RAM it actually needs is a mere 2GB to run, and recommends 4GB to run well. Please bear in mind these RAM figures are total RAM installed in your system as it takes into account your Operating System, and other services, RAM usage. So your 8GB of RAM is more than plenty.
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