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Seeking out the best wireless controller for my needs.

January 21, 2013 1:46:38 AM

So people,

I need to buy a couple of controllers to enjoy couch gaming on my new Plasma.

I already have xbox 360 controller, which is the best controller I've ever tried but I have 2 issues with it.

1st one is the d=pad which sucks as hell, and the only controller fixed that issue is the Onza which unfortunately isn't wireless.
(d-pad being a whole piece)

2nd issue and most important is the analog.
For some reason the 360 controller is having bad directional problem with the analogs.
The problem occurs when I want to move the analog from a normal direction (up/down/left/right) to a diagonal.

This analog stick need a very precise movement to achieve a midpoint between these two. Or else it goes to diagonal at once.
Also, there is a huge gap when you want to move the stick from one direction, to the center, it starts triggering to go to the center when you've reached half way to the center.

That's all about the xbox 360.

So I was considering to buy a PS3 wireless controller, but the ergonomics make me say a total NO.

Then I came up with this SpeedLunk Xeox Pro.

It's a copy of 360, wireless without the bulky battery pack that the 360 wireless controller has. Big ++

The d-pad issue still isn't solved in this controller.
But I don't know about the analog issue.

Also the price is insanely low for a wireless thingy!

Do you have any other recommendations? Or experience from the Xeox?