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Hi guys,

Im thinking on buying:

i5 3570k
Nvidia GTX 660

I dont want to overclock my processor so my questions are:

Is this the best $200-215 Video card ?

What motherboard can i buy that can handle gaming and work?

I play games like : Crysis, NFS, League of Legends, NBA, FIFA

Software: Autocad, Cypecad
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  1. Most motherboards that do gaming do ok at work, you just need to find one that fits your budget with any added features you may want (silly wireless addon cards or bluetooth modules etc). Your budget on the video card seems pretty tight so you won't find other cards (likely) at that range. find one with atleast 2yr warranty if you can. Just make sure when you select a motherboard that it is a socket 1155 board so it matches the cpu you picked.
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    If you're not going to overclock, go for this Xeon coupled with this motherboard

    This way you get a CPU that is faster than the 3570K (It's as fast as the 3770K) and you can also save some money on the motherboard.

    About the graphics card, the GTX 660 is pretty good, but the HD 7870 is better.
    The model i listed here is the fastest HD 7870 available, so it's actually faster than a GTX 660 Ti and as fast as a HD 7950.
  3. Thank you very much guys
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