Games crash even after format..

Hello guys so whenever i play a game after 7 to 20 minutes it freezes and i hear a sound loop then the games say its not responding.

i dnt believe its a gpu dying because its 2 weeks old
when i got the gpu i was playing without issues hours on end now all of a sudden 2 days ago it started happening.

my specs are : core i5 2500k
Gtx 680 asus oc
8gb corsair ram
600 watt psu

this is extremely annoying especially considering i play games online and host lobbies alot wich makes it frustrating if my game constantly fails it happens in all games.
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  1. PSU a quality make or a cheapo that may have flacky voltage rails.
    CPU overheating?
    GPU overheating?
    Memory passes Memtest?
  2. okay :) memory passes. Psu is fine. temps arent a problem never even touches 50 degrees. And what i have found is in call of duty if i lower anti aliasing to 8 instead of 16 game doesnt crash but other games still crash :/
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