Lexmark e120 usb device not recognized

My lexmark E120 stopped work in all OS. "Device is not recognized" is message.
In all OS is :
found new hardware and
device is not recognized.
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  1. Try to uninstall the device (when asked to remove drivers, answer yes) in Device Manager. Disconnect the device. Restart the computer. Go to Lexmark and download the most current drivers. Reconnect the device and install the new drivers. If you don't have a defective USB port or device, you should be good to go at this point. Good luck!
  2. If what COLGeek suggests doesn't work, go into the device manager-->expand the universal serial bus controllers-->right click and uninstall all of the usb root hubs-->restart the PC.
  3. I forgot write,
    this message is on 10 different comp. in different OS.
  4. nkonakov said:
    I forgot write,
    this message is on 10 different comp. in different OS.

    With 10 Lexmark E120 printers? Are all of your PCs running different versions of Windows? If so, the earlier suggestions still apply.

    If this is 10 PCs trying to use/share the same 1 Lexmark E120 printer, do you have it connected to a single PC that you have configured as its print server -OR- is the printer directly connected to the network? If connected to a PC as the print server, are you connected via USB? If YES, then follow the instructions sent earlier to get the local PC to detect. Your share should be fine afterwards.

    If the printer is connected directly to the network, check its ethernet cable and change if possible to verify the cable isn't the problem. You may also need to reset the printer. Last, you could try connecting to a single PC and sharing in Windows to other PCs on the network.

    Please clarify your network configuration and how you are using the printer.
  5. Directly connected to 10 different PC. In every PC is same message. This printer is not shared.Different cable. Something wrong with USB port on printer.
  6. Bad cable USB 2metres, try Use HP printer Cable
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