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Looking for a game.

Hi. I'm looking for a pc game about stock tradings (Preferably offline) in which I can buy and sell shares in a dynamic economy. I want to learn about these stock markets but, I think it would be easier to me to learn if I do it in a gamer's way. Please help! Thanks. :)
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  1. I don't think that kind of a game even exists.. Buying and selling stocks virtually, that wouldn't be so much fun would it? :D Anyways, i saw this "Presidency" simulation game on steam once. It's called Democracy 2, you get to deal with the economy too i guess but i've never played it.. That's all ive got sorry :)
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    Free -
    $20/month, cancel anytime -

    They're both internet based though. There's not too many offline programs just because of how ridiculously difficult it is to simulate the stock market effectively enough to train off of.

    The latter is typically sold to educational establishments, so I suspect it's better than the first mentioned, but if you're just needing to learn the basics...

    All the best! :)
  3. Try online simulators, like here,, or here,
    Most online simulators are based on the real stock market.
    I don't think I've ever seen an offline, video-game format way to simulate stock trading...
  4. You can try Capitalism 2. Its not primarily about Stock trading but its a business simulation and its offline so maybe you would like it.
  5. Thank you all! :)
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