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Home made "PROMETEIA" !!!!

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February 16, 2004 1:20:18 AM

Hello to you all, im new here and im from Portugal, im thinking in contructing a project similar to Prometeia, in this case a vapor(gas) cooling solution, with the help of my father(Cold tecnicion) ist easy to me to have the compressor and the condensator, the soldering and the gas.., now my problem are the blocks, ive looked over the net and i found a AMD and a P4 CPU easy modkit, now my doubts are, this mod kit as a input and output tube right?? like 2 tubes for making circulation one that inputs the gas to the block and another one to exit, like a closed circuit like??
Now my second doubt is, im interested in articulate this project to the Chipste, and the VGA, but i dont have blocks for it, ive looked over the net and i could only found for the CPU, what i ask here ist if the Water blocks for the MOBO Chipset and for the VGA can andle such a negative temperature, anf if not how can i do or buy blocks for the Chipset and the VGA, my ideia here is to solder the output tube from the CPU to the input of the Chipset and so on, just like a water cooling solution.
And for the end, if i cant do this, well im just going to aplicate my home made prometeia to the CPU, and for the VGA and for the Chipset what recomed you guys?? a water cooling solution,an home made block, or just a more efective ar solution??
Right forgot one thing, about chillcontrol in prometeia, what features has this?? and how is the wiring? Im hasking this because im thinking it might adapt for my system, if some one has the wiring of the complete chillcontrol let me know please.
Thanks for all, and sorry about my english :) )

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February 16, 2004 8:22:55 PM

IMO your best bet is to chill a medium, such as water mixed with alcohol or acetone and then circulate that throughout a standard watercooling system with insulated hoses (to reduce condensation).

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April 11, 2004 9:47:24 PM

just cool the cpu and put normal water cooling on the rest, or like thed dude said, chill the water to 1C and loop an ordinary watercooling system

If you want to go sub zero on all the stuff I think you'll have to have a closed circuit for each processor GPU, CPU and northbridge which is a bit much i gues, I'm not a cooling technician but normally the stuff is liquid and evaporates at -20C and thats why CPU can reach low temps then the gas is repressurised into liquid and theres your loop.