OC'ing my gforce 3 Ti200

hey you'll primus here..
still kind of clueless about this all OCing issue
so i wondered...
i have my tornado gforce 3 TI200 and my fan on it doesnt spin at all... should this concern me?
so anyway i just wanted to know how i can OC it and if there is somthing that should be done about the fan

thanks for hearing me out
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  1. I think I would look in to the fan or replace it with on that does work. As far as OC'ing try coolbits.You can find it at"www.voodoofiles.com".Hope this helps!!! I'm trying out a GeForce 3 64Mb myself from a GeForce 2 Gts 32Mb.
  2. The thing is, i'm pretty sure you can overcloc, but you won't see any performance difference so there really isn't any point, you just kill your card faster.

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