Hey does anyone know the best performing video card for under 100 bucks
and where to buy it thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. I think Inno3d Tornado makes FX5600 for PCI.

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  2. Does it have to be PCI?
  3. verto makes a geforce 4 mx420 64mb
    pci card

    i'm 7 years old and a million times smarter then you!!!
  4. Radeon9100 PCI?
  5. The 9100 PCI is probably the fastest one out there. It's an 8500 in disguise. If there's any way you can, replace your motherboard and get a Ti4200. It won't cost too much more ($130 altogether), but the system will be lots faster for gaming.
  6. has ATI PCI 9100 64MB for $50.00 + $1.00 shipping...

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