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two questions for anybody with the knowledge and time:What are the best laptops under 1000 for pc,and what is the cheapest.Trying to get my son one without wasting my money by buying crap or spending to much.thank you very much in advace for your help and time.
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  1. 1000 what?




    this is a world wide forum you know :)
  2. sorry,us dollars
  3. Is this for gaming? Or another purpose?

    Also, does it need to be a laptop for portability or school purposes? Because you can get far more performance out of a desktop for cheaper. You pay extra for the portability and convenience of a laptop.
  4. its for gaming,sorry for asking such a questionable question,lol,i should of been way more specific,like i said i dont really know too much about computers.
  5. Okay. Is he gonna be using the laptop for school or is this just a computer for at home?

    If it will be just used in the house, a desktop is a much better option, for the reasons I pointed out in my previous post. But, if he needs a computer to take to classes(college?), then a laptop is the obvious choice.
  6. for the amount that you will spend on a "gaming laptop", you can build a really decent gaming desktop that will be able to play all the new games out there without any problems... (will be able to handle any game a lot better then most laptops)

    But like trogdor796 mentioned, if you really need the portability, then a laptop would be your choice..

    But if its strictly for gaming, I recommend building/buying a desktop
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