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I was just wondering what you guys suggest i should upgrade on my computer for gaming. The game im wanting to be able to play is Dayz (Arma 2 Mod). I would like to run it at about 60 Frames per second on High settings. Any help would be nice! Thanks!
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  1. Opps forgot my specs :P
  2. Win 7
    Amd Phenom ii x4 830 Processor
    Amd 6770 1gb
    6gb of ram
    1 tb Harddrive.
  3. You need a better graphics card mainly if you want to keep your CPU look at getting a Radeon 7850 or better. Or if you want a major upgrade go for an i5 3570K and a Radeon 7950 or better. Also your RAM should be Dual channel so if you have a 4Gb & a 2Gb stick get another 4Gb one and get rid of the 2 if you have 3 x 2Gb remove the one thats not in the dual channel mix or get 2 x 4Gb.. If you already hace the game are you looking for a bit upgrade on the current performance or not?
  4. Yea i am looking for a bit of a performance boost. as of right now im playing Dayz on 1600x900 Resolution and pretty much everything turned down, no anti aliasing textures, all the way down, Ect. And i only get about 40Fps
  5. A 7850 will give you a huge boost on its own but its a demanding game so you could go all out and get an I5 3570K + Radeon 7950/7970/GTX670 + New mother board + 8+Gb RAM + new power supply if needed.
  6. IM looking at a Radeon 7950 Right now for about 315$, Would that be able to hold my machine over and get me mabey on medium graphics till i get some more cash?
  7. I would think medium at least but there is not much info out there on this game except its demanding. Without a CPU upgrade you will not get the most out of a 7950 though an overclock on the CPU would help.
  8. So if you had a choice to upgrade by either getting the card or a new Cpu which would you choose?
  9. The new GPU for sure, but do keep in mind you will be limited by the CPU.
  10. Definitely GPU before CPU ad only upgrading the CPU will make no difference to how the game will run
  11. Any Recommendations that my Cpu can handle? I have an 850watt Psu. keep in mind im trying to get Dayz to a playable standard. Thanks in advance to all.
  12. I also read online somewhere that Dayz Takes a Toll on your Cpu. Im pretty ignorant of computers so this may not be true.
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    to run that game at 60 fps high settings you need a whole new machine. the game is badly written from the off and dayz doesnt do much to put the basic errors rite. the biggest performance hitter is the draw distance. if you have a 1 gig card you should be able to run at medium settings 1080p with a draw distance of 1000. any more than that and you will cripple the fps.
    im not kidding when i say you would need a new system, i have seen this mod cripple a 3570/gtx680/16gigs of ram. on optimum settings it refuced the fps to just over 30 and there were a few things that could have still been turned up... so yeah its a system killer. but not because its gfx are good, but because of poor inital programming on the game engine.
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  15. Ouch, well you think standalone is going to be any better?
  16. at release its doubtfull as it will be running on a slightly updated engine. after 3 or so months the devs will take a look at the over riding issues and put them rite as best they can with a patch but again its just putting a bandaid on a cut that needs stiches.
    the whole engine needs an overhaul. but because its trying to do so many things and be so many things.(fps shooter arma 2, flight sim /sim flight and so on) its hard for the devs to get a handle on it.
    arma 3 will be pretty much the next full iteration of the real virtuality engine 4 so i would guess that anything released b4 that on the version 3 engine will have the same issues as arma 2. give or take some slight improvements.
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