Upgrading RTM to SP0

Is it possible to update my W7 Ultimate RTM to SP0 when the patch released?
and is there any crack or serial that can make my pirated W7 to Genuine??
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  1. Suck an egg. Call Microsoft and ask them.
  2. so, i hv to get a SP0 W7
  3. Best answer
    If you're asking "Do I have to purchase a legal copy of Windows?"... then the answer is (quite obviously) YES!
  4. ok...
  5. And another pirate vessel goes down to Davy Jones' locker with the Jolly Roger still flying.. ;-)
  6. Davy Jones' locker???
  7. *facepalm*
  8. well, nvm....i don't understand those terms anyway
  9. UchihaItachi said:
    well, nvm....i don't understand those terms anyway

    Ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean?
  10. no
    anyway, can anyone can teach me the problem i posted on overclocking AMD....??
  11. I.m sure that some one can teach you, but I doubt it's going to be anyone here....
  12. lol what is "SP0"? Is that supposed to be Service Pack ZERO??? Why not just type "windows 7"?
  13. yup, SP0 is Service Pack Zero. I can't type Windows 7 1st of all, it got 4 versions. 2nd of all before SP0 released there is BETA, RC and RTM versions....
  14. It is not referred to as "SP 0". RTM = Release to Manufacturing, which means that it is the final version with no service packs. The Windows 7 on store shelves will technically be the RTM version, but they do not refer to it as such. It is simply called Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. There is no such thing as Service Pack Zero.
  15. ok, thx
  16. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OEM costs around $180.
    Home Premium is around $110.

    Are they really asking all that much of you?
  17. i have no interest in 64bit, unless i use DDR3 which can support higher than 8GB
    W7 32bit enough for me....
  18. UchihaItachi said:
    i have no interest in 64bit, unless i use DDR3 which can support higher than 8GB
    W7 32bit enough for me....

    I think you're getting seriously confused here. With a 64bit OS you can support more than 4GB RAM regardless of whether it's DDR2 or DDR3. DDR3 just gives you more memory bandwidth.
  19. what about some games or software if they doesn't support 64bit??
  20. Win 64 works perfectly with probably 99% of 32bit software out there. It even makes a separate Program Files folder for x32 apps. Some older applications may not run, but so far everything I've tried just works.
  21. hmm....perhaps i should get W7 Ulti X64 soon
  22. Yes you should.

    I doubt you'll regret it.
  23. :D
  24. Going to buy it in the morning.
    Still haven't worked out the details yet though...
    1 or 2 copies, home or ultimate...
    That, and which movie I'm going to see (my computer shop being by a theatre...)
  25. lol it SP 0?? the official release
  26. The official release is RTM.
  27. i saw some articles which they told me W7 SP1 available in torrent file and ISO file, is it true?
  28. No it's not true. Service packs don't come out a day after release...
  29. ok
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