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My friend is having issues playing alot of games on his pc such as smite beta, tribes ascend, blacklight retribution, planetside 2, age of empires online. the client opens and he click play nothing happens and shortly after the launcher just closes, according to him he has the lastest directx, yet the problem wont go away does anyone have a solutions?

His Specs

Cpu - Amd Fx4100
MB - Gigabyte ga-970a-ud3
Ram -8gb ddr3 dual channel
Gpu - Amd radeon hd 6770
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  1. Graphics drivers?
  2. i sent him to the website to get the latest, so im pretty sure hes up to date. i should also point out its not all games like minecraft, team fortress 2, call of duty black ops 2, and league of legends work fine.
  3. Games not starting ... are they in work if he goes ctrl+alt+del and then checkes the task manager?

    If they are in the task maanger he should reinstall the games, most likely his windows has corrupted the game or he does not have the last patch installed and cannot connect to the servers (typical in Tribes Ascend).

    So basicly, reinstall games is my advice.
  4. open the control panel, go to admin tools/events viewer/aplications and look for errors pertaining to the games. if its just a basic c5 error then he may need to run them as admin or repair parts of windows. if its error 1000 it could be anything from a bad driver to corupted parts of windows so...

    he needs to scan for malware with a decent antivirus and malware scanner.
    avira and malware bytes are 2 good 1s. they actually work very well when combined as pro versions with higher detection rates than any single product.
    then 1s done and your sure its clean. run sfc/scannow
    after that run microsoft update.
    after than make sure that the games have all there requirements, things like origin, games for windows live/steam and such.
    check you have the latest .netframeworks and vcredists 2005/2008/sp1 32 and 64bit.
    update all the drivers from gfx to audio to ethernet not forgetting the chipsent inf files.(some dont need em but best check with your manufacturer)
    dont forget to run a reg cleaner multiple times till there are no more errors then reboot and hopefully his games will work...
    if it was just 1 game i would say check the drivers and some such but as its all of them then it must be an issue with windows.
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