Alienware CPU in June

I have heard that Alienware will be selling a system with a (non-overclocked) Pentium 4 3.9GHz sometime in June this year. Is Intel planning to release this beast around that time? My source says that he currently has one (from an Alienware mobo) and that he has a "prototype". I do not believe this person.

Please confirm.


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  1. no, it's a lie

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  2. That is a crock of shizzel

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  3. Thanks! Please, if anyone else would like to comment, please do!

    I have also read that the Pentium 4 4.0GHz is intended to be released by the end of this year, so a 3.9GHz system by June just doesn't seem like it's going to happen. My "source" is simply someone who told me that stuff. First time talking to him too. I still don't believe him.

  4. I doub't we will ever see a 3.9GHz processor from Intel unless they start using fractional mulitpliers (e.g., 12.5 and 10.5, AMD uses them) and the 200FSB in current use doesn't multiply to 3.9 at all--nor do the planned 266 and 333MHz FSBs multiply out to 3.9GHz (they all do, however, go into 4.0GHz).

    You have no reason to believe this person....unless he is talking about a pre-OCed Alienware PC that runs at 3.9GHz, that's a different story.

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