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So ive had this computer for about 6 years now, and i have had this problem since i got it and i have not been able to figure it out in 6 years. I have a 650 W PSU, a nvidia GTX 560 ti, AMD Phenom quad core processor, a ASUS motherboard, 5 GB of ram, a 1 tb sata hard drive. When im playing games it will just power down with no warning and the lights in my computer shut off, the monitor shuts off, and the lights on my mouse shut off, but my keyboard lights stay on and they flicker. I know its not overheating, nothing runs over 45C at any time, and there is never anything that always shuts it off. Sometimes it will shut off as soon as the game opens, other times it will be as soon as a map loads, and other times even if i alt tab it will shut off. Ive checked all of my connections and everything is tight, ive dusted everything out, ive tried just about everything, and i have tested everything except the motherboard because im not sure how, and the power supply. Also, sometimes it wont shut off for 10+ hours of straight gaming, then ill get on it and play later and it will constantly shut off when i try to play games, it has gotten worse the longer ive had my computer, and lately after my computer shuts off when i start it sometimes it will give me the BSOD saying Something about less or not equal, and something about a folder in nonfolder area or something like that im not sure. I just dont know what else to do if any of you can help me that would be appreciated, thank you. Also i have used windows xp and windows 7 on this computer and i had the problem with both.
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  1. So the computer has done it since you first had it.
    All the problems you are talking about, without much doubt relate to your power supply.

    I need to give you a good bit of advice here so bear with me.
    Cheap or not well known brands of a power supply unit often don`t come even close to what they state they can do on the sticker on the side of the power supply unit.
    At this point i would ask you the brand name, and if it did not come back as an Ocz, Corsair, or a silverstone PSU. I would be concerned at a rating of 650W.

    Because on cheaper power supplys the specs rated on the sticker on the side of the Psu are often way out of what the Psu can deliver. If you payed £40 or so for it I would expect it to be the problem.

    Wattage is important, but people forget that Amps are also. For example a graphics card may say it needs 100w to work, but it also states it needs 24 amps also to keep the device stable. However you may have for example a 650W Psu, but it cannot provide say 24 amps from the 12v power rail at 100w = Crashing and all sorts.

    By the long list of symptoms, its the one to look at. be it borrow one of a good brand name off a good friend to test the theory. Or buy a new Psu of a known good quality brand. If the one you have is not.

    Just out of case, can you list the brand name of the Psu currently in the system, I can check them out and give you the answer if it`s at fault.

    Here is an example of what I mean.

    Gtx 560 graphics card.
    The card recommends a 500 Watt PSU with a 30 amp 12v rail
    Now how much does the 12v rails on the Psu state it can deliver in amps ?
    Less by any chance, That is why it is falling over, the computer re setting, black screens ect or crashing.
  2. I don't get it, did you have all those components for the last 6 years, or have added all the new components to your existing PSU?

    If its the second option, then you already know what the problem is..
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