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Hey im looking for a Racing game something like need for speed but there should be free roam like in test drive unlimited and need for speed.I have played tdu 1,2 need for speed all,Toca, IRACING.COM

so does anyone know a good game like this it can be a mmorpg or even a shop game and a steam game because i want to race alot and sometime free roam like in gta if you know what i mean? if you have any questions just ask them thanks :D
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  1. ANyone to help?
  2. Hm... When you say ALL of the NFS series - I assume you mean "Need For Speed: World" (http://free.origin.com/racing/need-for-speed-world) as well... So I'm trying to think of what could work for you.

    Most racing games don't offer a free roam mode sadly.

    A game I was playing recently (DIRT: Showdown) (Looks like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_q9R9sGxyE ) offered a mode where you could drive around freely (in an arena type of match - ramps, things to drift through, etc) to test out new car modifications... They also have a destruction derby mode, etc.

    As a response to your mention of Grand Theft Auto: Have you tried "Saints Row The Third"? It was on sale for $12 a few weeks ago in a STEAM sale. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x5qsLDnOo8 ) It was pretty fun for a few playthroughs... Then it got old for me :P

  3. thanks for your help and yes i played nfsw and i will check out the 2 games and yeah i watched some clips before about saints row but the graphics did not satisfy me but i will look deeply into them.

    ALso looking for some more suggestions
  4. I definitely enjoyed Dirt 1 and 2. Dirt 2 had a test drive mode.
  5. @refresh looked at all those games but not that good :(
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