Need a New Mouse: Razer VS Steelseries VS Corsair

My mouse recently died so i need to get a new one. But i dont know which one to take. My options are the Razer Deathadder ,corsair m60 or the steelseries sensei raw. I mostly play Skyrim and COD black ops 2. Which one of those mice will be for playing BO2 online. Also which mouse pad do you recommend with it. Currently i am looking on buying a Razer Goliathus extended speed edition.
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  1. i personally like the deathadder and m60, both good mice. im not too fond of steelseries mice, never liked them quite as much. my brother has the m60, it has a good feel and reponses nicely, i have tried the deathadder and like the fit in my hand. I currently own the lachesis mainly for the length of the mouse since i have larger hands.

    as for mouse pad, i currently own the goliathus alpha, the largest as of length and width, crazy huge for anyone, kinda wish i went with a smaller one. the extended you will expect to be able to fit a full size keyboard on top of it and have plenty of room left over for your mouse, my buddy has one for his media PC, its as long as his coffee table, lol.
  2. I would suggest Razer. Make sure you get a good mousepad though. That will make the biggest difference in smoothness and presicion. As sscultima said, a large mousepad is better too. :D
  3. NSainGaming said:
    As sscultima said, a large mousepad is better too. :D

    yes, but only if you have the space.

    also with the razer mouse pads they have the control and speed editions, if you like to have a little resistance get the control, the speed edition you can push the mouse and it will slide for a bit, lol. I got the speed edition, took a bit to get used to but i prefer it over the control now.
  4. Ok thanks. I will take a look at the Razer Deathadder or lachesis .
  5. dont bother with the lachesis. it has the razer MMB issue where after a few weeks the MMB dies for no apparent reason. i have 1 myself and they are over priced junk that suffere serious acceleration issues.
    you set it to off and it becomes negative which means its like driving your car with the handbreak on. it slows down faster than it should and will only track at a limited speed on screen instead of the speed your moving at.
    better to look at other products from different manufacturers. and dont buy the deathadder unless its the 3.5g 1. same MMB issues as well as poor tracking.
    your best going to a stor that sells lots of different 1s and putting them in your hand to see if they have good palm feel. seriously it could be the best mouse in the world but if its uncomfortable its pretty near usless. as you will keep adjusting your hold which will get you killed a lot.
  6. Ok thanks for the warning. Wanted to have a razer mouse + pad combo. Ok so my other options is the sensei raw or Corsair m60. Is the steelseries qck heavy a good mouse pad
  7. all i can say about the steel series is they dont often make junk. so if it gets good reviews then its likely to be a good peripheral.
    personally i use the destructor hard mat by razor... my lachesis hated it and would glide like it was on sand paper, but my rat 7 contagion loves it.
  8. Ok thanks. My current Roccat Taito mini is too small so want to buy a nice big mat .
    I will maybe go with the razer goliathus extended speed Editon. But thanks for your reply
  9. I got bought a G500 for christmas havin' gone through some terrible luck with Cheap to expensive mouses(steel series)

    By far the best mouse I've had since my MS intellipoint. seems such a well built mouse with all the heavy weights in.

    If i was to suggest a mouse tho my friends roccat kone+ is fantastic
  10. Yeah i forgot to ask about the roccat line of mice. Maybe i should get the roccat kone+
  11. Razer Imperator is awesome, get it. Might be a bit more expensive, but it is a really nice mouse
  12. I personally would go with G500 as well. It seems to have no problem keeping me at the top of the food chain ;)
  13. Thanks for your replies. I will go check out the Razer deathadder or roccat Kone+. But with the razer deathadder i can get the razer extended speed mouse pad. If i get the Kone+ i cant get a new mouse pad though. So what would be a good choice. Also i am currently using a Roccat saito mini mouse pad.
  14. A little pricey but the mionix ensis 320 looks good, i'll be purchasing it soon and it's made of aluminium!
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